New Low Price Budget Android Tablets Launched

M7 and M10 Polaroid launches budget Android tablets at CES 2013

The world of Technology and web, Tablets are increasingly crowded, with manufacturers increasingly jump on the moving train of slate in the last 12 months. In a market that was once used by Apple and its iPad tablet monopolized, try a growing number of manufacturers. Firmly on the market with the introduction of budget tablets that get access to a greater number of consumers.

The recent, the revolution is to join internet tablet by the giant Polaroid photography, which presented two budget Android tablets in 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This will increase competition in the budget tablet market by offering consumers a choice to create yet affordable range of Tablet PC slate.

The two tablets that have been implemented by the Polaroid camera M7 tablet, which comes with a 7-inch screen for those who come after something compact and portable Tablet Polaroid M10, which is, as the name implies, with a 10 – inch screen. The tablets have IPS HD screens.
Polaroid M7 comes with microSD support, a built-in 2-megapixel front camera and 8 GB of memory. The M10 comes with a Polaroid camera to 2 megapixel front, a rear 5-megapixel camera, quad-core processor and 16 GB of on board memory. The tablets should be released in the spring, with a price of about £ 80 and £ 143 respectively.

The low price tablets, including M7, it could mean serious competition is prepared in the budget tablet market will be triggered since many people will be willing to buy a tablet from a company known for a low price, which is exactly what Polaroid, this new budget slate.

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