Telegram vs Signal and 5 Best whatsapp alternative What to Choose

Telegram vs Signal and other WhatsApp alternative: Now Telegram is taking Signal, saying there is no comparison. Amid a heated debate over WhatsApp’s upcoming data policy and the increase in the migration of its users to conflicting messaging apps, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov on Monday said there was nothing comparable to Signal as the company offers a rich and highly encrypted communications platform.

Telegram vs Signal

Telegram vs Signal, WhatsApp alternative

WhatsApp users in India and elsewhere who wish to join the Telegram which has rushed to cross 500 million users worldwide or Signal (which will still disclose official user numbers) are currently confused as to which app to choose.

Telegram vs Signal: According to Durov, he does not see how the two applications can be compared

“Telegram is a social network that is rich in resources that you can use to stay in control of Facebook-WhatsApp alone. Signal represents one aspect of the Telegram, ‘Chats Secret Chat’, ”he said in a statement.

“If you think you only need a different version of this feature, installing it would make sense to you,” Durov said.

Telegram secure real-time cloud chat is a feature most of its users want. Allows multiple seamless device synchronization and access to past chat history, major group chats and channels, persistent message history and sending large documents and videos.

“It also allows faster media transmission without reloading, reducing storage usage on your phone, never losing your messages even if you lose your phone – and many other good things that reduce bandwidth, battery and storage,” Durov emphasizes.

However, he said the company would not disable Telegram by discarding many of its positive features because some people were “misled by marketing tactics from our competitors or reluctant to start ‘Private Conversations’ when they thought they needed them”.

‘Private conversations’ are only stored on one device. Backups and synchronization of any kind reduce security because any final points can be compromised.

“Secure communication should always be compatible with the device; Ideally, you should have a hot phone with a SIM card registered to the random person and use it only in places you don’t usually go with your regular phone, and without accessing your real Google / Apple account, “said a Telegram official.

Everything else, he said, was a security breach of Telegram vs Signal

“Both iOS and Android have a lot of backgrounds that other third-party characters can use to access your phone and access your personal information. This is the world we live in, unfortunately, ”he said.

Durov also criticized WhatsApp, saying they would never force its users to view 30-second ads on Telegram.

He said if they put up ads, the ads would only be shown on large, one-stop, expensive-to-run channels due to server and traffic costs and were not targeted according to private information (unlike Facebook).

“Therefore, there is no private data collection, no user printing etc. And if you do not use our channels (which are not in all other messaging apps), you will not see a single ad,” Durov said in a statement.

WhatsApp is asking users to give their permission to share information with Facebook or lose their accounts after February 8th.

For nearly 500 million and growing users, Telegram has become a major problem for Facebook.

Sonam Chandwani, the Managing Partner at KS Legal & Associates, told IANS that a recent WhatsApp update to its privacy policy to authorize Facebook information has thrown users into a frenzy with viewing sites that claim to be secure such as Signal and Telegram.

Telegram vs signal, If not WhatsApp, then what? Consider these alternatives

What do people want in these different apps? Encryption, an important buzzword word for all communication applications, which converts data into a mysterious form called ciphertext; encryption ciphertext converts data back to its original state, called plaintext. Many of these applications have AES methods, according to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, using “128, 192, and 256 bits encrypted and encrypted 128-bit text encryption.”

WhatsApp alternative: Here are some best WhatsApp alternative, if you are interested

WhatsApp alternative: The fence

Approaching fast to 500 million users, Telegram saw an increase of more than 2.2 million users this past week alone due to WhatsApp cleanup. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based message with seamless synchronization on multiple devices at the same time.

The messaging app contains two layers of secure encryption. Server-client encryption is used in Cloud Chats (private and group chats), while Private Platform Conferences use an additional layer of the client and customer encryption. “All data, regardless of form, is encrypted in the same way – be it text, media or files,” says the official website, adding, “Our encryption is based on 256-bit AES encryption, RSA encryption. 2048-bit and Diffie – Hellman protected key exchanges [a way to securely exchange cryptographic keys on a public channel]. ”

Signal another WhatsApp alternative

Signal privacy policy does not describe it as that of Telegram but does say that it performs end-to-end encryption, as do many communication applications these days. The app chat history is stored on the user’s device instead, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, on a specific cloud-based server.

Spike best WhatsApp alternative

The most popular non-spoken app in the West, Spike, has become another option here in India. Like most apps, they emphasize, “We only keep the minimum data needed to provide you with the fastest possible information… We don’t rent, sell, distribute or monetize your data to anyone. No ads on Spike again. ”

Session another WhatsApp alternative

The session does not require your name, phone number or email ID. The makers of the app – Oxen, sponsored by The Loki Foundation, an Australian tech nonprofit group – say your messaging activities will not leave a digital trail. The app creates a Session ID, which you need to share with the contact to start chatting. Private group discussions of up to 20 people are possible.

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